How Does It Work

Bridging the gap between content producers and tube sites.

The problem.

Today more than ever, video content producers are realizing that the placement of their high quality videos on Tube Sites is the single most powerful driver of customer acquisition. Nevertheless, there are some serious issues producers have to contend with when distributing their content for free consumption. Firstly, the content producers are not able to accurately quantify the branding value that is generated from this distribution process. Also, the producers lack the ability to manage and control the content they make available for free consumption on a wide spectrum of Tube Sites. On the other side of the eco system, we have the tube site owners who are responsible for most of the sales of professionally produced content, yet are not getting fairly compensated. Instead of making money from the organic nature of their business, tube site owners are forced to generate revenues from the sideline business of aggressive advertising schemes such as dating sites, mobile billing and live cam sites.

The solution.

Revenviews bridges the gap between Tube Sites and Premium Content Producers. Our innovative fingerprint tracking technology enables the evolution from traditional performance based affiliate marketing to empowered Brand Management Marketing.

On one hand, Tube Sites can start generating significant revenues from their core business of content distribution. They will generate revenue from free content promotion and have a foundational motivation to cooperate with Pay Sites. On the other hand, Pay Sites will be able to offer measured incentives to Tube Sites for promoting professional content. The Revenviews platform will enable powerful and accurate conversion tracking and the ability to manage and control the studio's freely distributed content over the Tube Sites.

How does fingerprint technology track "dollar value conversions"?

Performance brand marketing is based on the following fundamental assumption; content producers who do not freely distribute promotional videos on Tube Sites, will fail to acquire paying customers. On the macro side, the value of distributing free content on Tube Sites in not only of importance to producers, it is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. On the micro side, the viewership of promotional content on tube sites has a very direct and explicit financial impact on sales and customer acquisition. Our fingerprint technology brings science into the equation and takes the guesswork out.

How does fingerprint technology work?

As third party cookies are starting to be blocked by the major browsers and public concern about privacy rights arises, marketers are in need of new identification methodology. Revenviews offers cutting edge tracking technology that has evolved beyond the cookie. When a user visits a website, they are allowing that site to access a lot of information about their computer's configuration, IP address, hardware identifiers and network information. Combined, this knowledge can create a user fingerprint ID which is a unique signature that could be used to identify the user. How effective is the Revenviews fingerprint technology? The level of accuracy reached today by the Revenview fingerprint technology is over 99%, better than what we have been able to achieve with cookie identifications methods.

Go Direct!

Revenviews is a platform that enables content producers and Tube Sites to work directly and cut out the inefficiencies in today's market